Is Social Media Becoming Too Popular?

Lets face it, Social Media is a huge part of your everyday life. I know for myself the first thing I do in the morning is check my various Social Media accounts. First I check out Facebook then move on to Twitter next I’ll hit up my Instagram and even see whats happening on Snapchat. 

I recently read in the book “Share This” about just how much Social media is taking over. There are literally sites for anything there are even virtual worlds. I have a few friends that are into World of Warcraft and I have seen them lose hours of their day on that site. 

So this all begs the question “Is Social Media Becoming Too Popular?”

I actually had a conversation with my dad today after we had discovered a women has created a printer that will print makeup for you completely taking away the need to go to a cosmetic store. After watching the video I told my Dad that I actually enjoy going to Ulta and Sephora because its something fun for me to do and a reason to get out of the house. I told him that with all of this technology we are creating I fear we are all going to become agoraphobics. 

What do you think are we all going to becoming so addicted to Social Media and technology that we never leave the house? Are we going to slowly start to get rid of human interaction all together?

I know I certainly hope not! Don’t get my wrong I love Social Media I mean I feel like I have a sort of obligation to like it being a member of the PR world. But we have to remember that there is a real world out there too! 

Social Media is huge and I use it daily to keep up to date on the latest trends, news and even to keep tabs on my friends. If there is news that you want to travel fast Social Media is definitely the route to take. 

On Monday I had the unfortunate experience of losing my best friend in a car accident. This was something the literally took over Social Media I couldn’t go on Facebook, Twitter or even Instagram without seeing a post about her.  It was a way for people to pay tribute to Chelsey through messages and pictures. Social Media has also been helpful for her family to keep everyone up to date on funeral arrangements. 

There were so many posts made in honor of Chelsey that it made it onto the news. 




So here is an example of when Social Media was a great thing. Personally I feel that Social Media has more positives than negatives. The only downfall I really see with it is that it is slowly consuming our lives. However if you look beyond that and see all the great it brings than it is super exciting to think about how much its growing!

Whats your opinion on social media? Is it becoming too popular or not popular enough? Are we letting it take up too much of our time are do we need to spend more time on it?





3 thoughts on “Is Social Media Becoming Too Popular?

  1. The original intent of SM was to unite people. Allow people to connect with like minded individuals who share similar interests. Your example here illustrates that perfectly. Coming together to mourn and remember. Scott Simon, NPR host, was criticized for tweeting the last days of his mothers death. Watch this and tell me what you think-

  2. I feel that when it comes to death or something so personal it is up to your own digression what you feel is appropriate or not. I think that in the case of my friend it was more of a way to mourn her loss and to share all the great memories. In Simons case I can see where people were a little put off by considering he was tweeting such personal things about his mother. But again he felt it was appropriate so I think thats fine.

  3. Emma,

    I do agree with your first point in that SM is becoming more as a part of our everyday life than just one small aspect toward communication. I won’t deny the countless hours of staring at my phone to check Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and Pinterest – but I must say it does get to me every now and again. It is a constant battle between me and my Apps with how I let them control my next move and to some extent I feel SM is taking over not just for the good, but potentially for the bad as well. In cases like the recent loss of your friend, I believe the power of SM is amazing! The fact that you can reach out and touch people for support and communication is what I love about being tied in with all the sites. The one negative thing I think I’m drawn to is the lack of face-to-face communication and interaction that has developed due to SM and it’s convenience. You also made a great point about being obligated to SM since you’re a member of the PR world and I can’t argue with that! As far as PR and SM goes, it is the least hassling way of reaching out and gaining connections with other students and professionals in this field and an even better way to keep updated on what is happening in the world of PR in general. As a side note, I am extremely sorry for your loss and I hope the kind words and support from everyone on Facebook and Twitter have given you comfort during this difficult time.


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