Does Emotion Sell?

If a company sold to your emotions rather than your fashion taste would you buy it? Do you think people support companies more when they have an emotional connection to them?

There is a chance that marketing is changing. Companies are going to start tugging at your heart strings rather than forcing products down your throat. They will sell you an idea, something you can identify with. One example of this is United Colors of Benetton, they are a clothing company but by looking at their ads you can’t really tell.


Looking at some of their ads what is your reaction? I know I immediately think race and oppression, not once do I think clothes. Would you buy from a company like this or does it make you cringe and turn away. In my opinion the idea behind it is for you to identify with the issues they are standing for and then in return support their business.

Lets compare these ads to other big name clothing brands.


Abercrombie & Fitch. They are known for having rather scandalous advertising and I suppose in away this is similar to what United Colors of Benetton are doing, but really its not. I mean one company is making a statement about strong and controversial political topics while the other is selling sex. But hey, to each their own.

Another company that has tried selling emotion is Wren Studio. A few months ago they released a video to debut their new collection. The video was called “First Kiss” and it was a variety of complete strangers kissing for the very first time.

Just until a few days ago I had no idea that video was an ad for a clothing company, however I absolutely loved the video! I thought it was beautiful.

There have been several articles and blogs written about it arguing whether or not it was successful. Some saying that “It’s a beautiful short film that does absolutely nothing to sell clothes or leave any sort of brand impression for Wren,”  while other articles rave about its success. Business Insider said “Traffic to the Wren website is up 14,000%, and 96% of those visitors are new to the site. Sales in the online store are up over 13,600% compared to the week before First Kiss was released.”

So who do we believe? The people saying it was pointless but a beautiful video? Or the ones saying it was tremendously successful on all levels? I suppose it’s up to us individually to decide how we feel about the video and then go from there.

Whats your opinion? Is this a successful way of advertising a business? Does emotion sell?



2 thoughts on “Does Emotion Sell?

  1. I think the idea of emotional branding can be a great tactic to gain consumers and keep them committed to a company. Some advertisements are too obvious with their commercials and magazine ads when trying to sell a brand, where others are subtle and more successful. I believe for the majority of people in our generation, we are quick to look online for everything. When we see a blank billboard with nothing but a website written on it, we will search for it online. As far as brands like A&F who use sex as a way to draw in customers, I am not swayed to buy their product. The idea of a naked man and woman kissing or a woman eating a cheeseburger in a bathing suit on a beach doesn’t persuade me to go and buy a cheeseburger or buy the clothing. What’s unfortunate is there are some people who allow this type of branding to control their purchasing decisions. I think emotional branding is a huge concern when it comes to young children, but for the rest of us we need to decide what we’re going to allow to control us.

  2. You made some great points. I think that young children are very easily swayed by the mass media. When they see the stick thin girl wearing the A&F bathing suit they feel that is the norm and the must look the same. When you get older you are wiser to what the companies are doing. I personally feel that its a good idea to sell people on a feeling though. People seem to identify more with that then with how the models look.

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